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At the foothills of the Himalayas along the banks of the sacred river Ganges, lies the town of Rishikesh. The first town this holy river reaches on its decent from the mountains, Rishikesh is home to many ashrams, and most major Indian ashram, including Vivekananda, Sivananda, Osho, Bihar school of yoga, have an office there. It is a good place to experience classical Indian yoga. Class instruction may leave a few gaps for students used to the precision of western classes, but with its slow and spiritual atmosphere, it's an enjoyable place to begin discovering what India has to offer. Rishikesh is less intense than other parts of India, probably because people have religion on their minds. Most people are very friendly and quick to say hello or namaste.

As a pilgrimage point, Rishikesh greets many devout Hindus and wandering sadhus (holy men). Many come to bathe in the sanctified waters of the Ganges, as Hindus believe this can remove layers of karma. This peaceful ashram center is certainly one of the more atmospheric places in India. As the sun rises from behind the mountains, and cuts through the fog, locals wash in the river. Live temple chanting sets the tone. Beginning around 4 am, the chants float across the water until well after dark. During night time pujas (ceremonies), offerings of hundreds of camphor flame leaf boats float picturesquely on the river.


Where is Rishikesh?

By Air :- The nearest airport is the Jolly Grant in Dehradun/70 Kms away.

By Rail :- The nearest railhead for Rishikesh is Haridwar, which is well connected to Delhi by superfast Shatabdi express trains. There is also an overnight service from Delhi to Haridwar.

By Road :- Rishikesh is well connect to Delhi (250 kms), Dehradun (55 kms), Haridwar (25 kms). Rishikesh also serves as a base town for pilgrimages to Badrinath, Kedarnath etc.



Packages :

The Camp 5 Elements

The River Camp Experience
  20th Sep'06 - 30th Nov'06 1st Dec'06 - 20th Jan'07 21stJan'07 - 30th Apr'07 Plan No. of Persons Duration
Weekdays Rs. 6000/- Rs. 5000/- Rs. 6000/- Camp 02 Persons 2 nights
Weekdays Rs. 9000/- Rs. 6000/- Rs. 9000/- Camp 02 Persons 2 nights

The River Camp Experience also includes:
» All Meals
» All Camp Activities*
» Two stretches of River Rafting
» Nature Walk through the forest
» Campfire every evening
*The Camp activities Include :
» Rock Climbing
» Rappelling
» Bridge abseiling
» Beach volleyball, Beach cricket, badminton, basketball etc.


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Room A

Welcoming and introduction

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